Corporate Fileshare System

FTPS: Secure File Transfer

FTPS (Secured)


At this point, we hope you have read through the instructions and understand the different types of data transfers. Please let us know if you experience any difficulties while utilizing our secured FTP services. Our Customer Support or Services representatives will be happy to assist you through this process.

Data Encryption

Even though you are transferring your data over a secured medium, your data should still be encrypted before transferring it. When providing your sensitive information (whatever the reason may be) we suggest that you always encrypt that information in some way to further ensure that only the people you allow to view it can do so. One of the simplest methods of doing this is by using a tool like TrueCrypt. This allows you to encrypt your data with a secured password so you can share the password with only those you want to allow to view your data.

Connecting Securely

Unfortunately, neither your standard web browser nor your basic operating system (Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux) can communicate over a secure channel for FTP without installing a proper client. Fortunately, however, there are many clients that serve this purpose and many of them are free. Although we can't provide a step-by-step for each and every client out there, we will give you the basic information needed as well as screenshots for a few of the most popular FTP clients to get you up and running in no time.

The first thing you need to do is contact the Customer Support or Services representative about which username and password you will be using today. Please note that these passwords change daily, so you will need to get in touch with your representative before attempting to upload your data.

Client Configuration

Setting up your client is easy; you just need to use ftp.infotechfl.comas the host name, FTP/FTPS as the protocol, and TLS Auth/Explicit as the encryption type. Please pay extra attention to the encryption type (TLS) since without it, you are still communicating without a secured connection. Below are examples of how to set things up in some of the more common FTP clients:

  1. WinSCP is a free tool for Microsoft Windows that is easy to use and can communicate over many more protocols than just FTP.
  2. CoreFTP is another free tool for Microsoft Windows that is easy to use and download.
  3. FileZilla is a free tool that works on Windows/Mac OS X/Linux.