Corporate Fileshare System

FTP: Insecure FTP Instructions

FTP Without Encryption!


At this point, we hope you have read through the instructions and understand the different types of data transfers. If you can't use our secured connection offerings then this section is for you. However, we still strongly suggest that you look into our secured offerings first.

Please be sure you are working with a Customer Support or Services representative so we can assist you with any problems you may encounter.

Data Encryption

Even if you are not transferring your data over a secured medium, your data should still be encrypted before transferring it. When providing your sensitive information (whatever the reason may be) we suggest that you always encrypt that information in some way to further ensure that only the people you allow to view it can do so. One of the simplest methods of doing this is by using a tool like TrueCrypt. This allows you to encrypt your data with a secured password so you can share the password with only those you want to allow to view your data.

Connecting Without Encryption

Although any FTP client can handle this type of communication, most people find it easiest just to open Windows Explorer and type in the location bar. Any FTP client should be able to connect to our server with default settings as long as our server's name ( is used.

Windows Explorer as an FTP client.

If you are uploading files, you will just drag and drop them into the "incoming" folder. If you are downloading files, you simply navigate to the "pub" folder and then copy the file you need to your computer.